What camera equipment would i need?

Answer Why, should be self-evident after a few years in schoolSince products can be as small as a wrist watch to as large as a cruise liner, the cameras can range from a mid-range DSLR with appropriate le... Read More »

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What kind of equipment besides the camera do you need to start shooting weddings in RAW?

I would love to scan old photos onto my laptop. what sort of equipment do i need. what is the best make?

any model would be fine hp psc 1210 all in oneits good

I need to take an intraoral photographs. I would prefer compact digital camera(not heavy camera).Any idea?

I no longer use a ring light. I think that a point source of light is better for modeling of the subject (teeth) and a ring light makes everything look flat. Years ago, Yashica's Dental Eye camer... Read More »

I need a new camera, what would you recommend?

Personally I like the Nikon. I love there point and shoot camera capabilities, one I really think has great options, and looks good too is the Nikon Coolpix P5000I own a point and shoot and an SLR... Read More »