What camera equipment would i need?

Answer Why, should be self-evident after a few years in schoolSince products can be as small as a wrist watch to as large as a cruise liner, the cameras can range from a mid-range DSLR with appropriate le... Read More »

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What can you do with digital camera equipment?

u can take photos & load them in ur computer. u can print them whenever u likeYou can use a USB cord to hook the camera up to a computer and download all the pictures onto the computer. The camera ... Read More »

What is your worst camera equipment failure story?

After buying my first auto load, auto advance SLR, I put in my first roll of film & watched the counter go to #1.I went to a club, got to meet the band "They Might Be Giants" and hung out with the ... Read More »

What kind of equipment besides the camera do you need to start shooting weddings in RAW?

Is it an old wives tale that airport x/ray equipment can fog camera film.?

No, it's not. It CAN fog your film. See Kodak advice on link below.