How to Make a Chicken Nugget/Grilled Fish Sandwich?

Answer It's not that difficult to make this delicious snack when you are hungry. No one need be a domestic god or goddess to fulfill their hunger and satisfy their taste buds.

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At mcdonald i go get twenty piece chicken nugget and they only give me 13!?

Make a statement the next time you go to the counter and say I always get 13 nuggets in my box.And if they say something racist, call them out for saying that. They have no reason to say that.

How many fat grams are in an Egg McMuffin?

The Egg McMuffin is a breakfast item served at McDonald's. It consists of an English muffin, one egg, a slice of cheese and a slice of Canadian bacon. The Egg McMuffin contains 12 grams of fat. It ... Read More »

Egg Mcmuffin at to make home?

I worked at mcdonalds FOREVER.. Which comes in handy in a situation like this.. Take a tuna can and drain tuna save it if you want it and then cut the other end off the tuna can. Rinse it and take ... Read More »

How mch is an egg mcmuffin and cinnamin melt in mcdonalds in miami?

Five dollars should buy both of them for you