What camcorder records well in low light?

Answer If you need good low-light behavior, then you need a camcorder with LARGE lenses and LARGE imaging chip array. Compare the size of these items on your (former) camcorder or any that you want to get... Read More »

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Camcorder Speacialist: What low cost camcorder can video tape in dim light?

Hi "September": The term "low cost" is a relative term. Low cost to Donald Trump or Mark Cuban might be a few thousand dollars. Camcorders run anywhere from $50-$50,000 USD (and more!). If you gi... Read More »

What camcorder records the best, most high definition video?

Depends on your environmental requirements, lighting and budget.Any MiniDV tape based recording HDV... and the P2 card systems from Panasonic are good. But don't look in the consumer cams - you nee... Read More »

I have a camcorder that records with my tapes. is it possible to put my videos onto my computer or a dvd?

its called fire wire its kinda a side ways triangle and not alot of computers have it but once you have that you can put videos on yoour computer from your camera

Is it possible to transfer my records from my old camcorder Sony 8mm tape to computer or DVDHow Thanks.?

Yes you can.Find a Digital8 camcorder. Borrow one, get a deal on a used one, or purchase a new base model for $250 or less online at places like Amazon (more advanced models are also available at ... Read More »