What camcorder records the best, most high definition video?

Answer Depends on your environmental requirements, lighting and budget.Any MiniDV tape based recording HDV... and the P2 card systems from Panasonic are good. But don't look in the consumer cams - you nee... Read More »

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Sony Handycam HDR-CX7 HIGH DEFINITION camcorder verses Panasonic HDC-SD9 High Definition 3CCD Camcorder?

Here are the detailed reviews for the cx7…and the sd9…at the end of the sd9 review, it has a brief comment on how... Read More »

If you record with a high definition camera, can you view the video on a television without high definition?

Yes. if the video is recorded in high definition it will play on a standard or low definition will not notice the full high definition as the tv can not display it but it will play the video.

Should I get a High Definition Camcorder?

the camcorders are really cool, but if you get an high-def, make sure it has alot of gigs, i made that mistake once and never again, more gigs means more videos, and pics, also make sure it has a u... Read More »

Is the Canon MD235 a high-definition camcorder?

No, the Canon MD236 is not a High Definition camcorder. Source: