What cables, cords, etc. do I need to hook up my HDTV?

Answer HD connections are either Component (those 5 cords, similar to composite[red/yellow/white]), or HDMI. Component is an analog signal, so the cable needs to be shielded and stuff. However, with an ... Read More »

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What cables do i need to hook up my computer to my lcd hdtv?

yes vga to vga will work for the video but you need to get a rca to 1/8" jack y cable to get your left and right audio, and make sure its a stereo jack not mono, and you should be fine.

Does an HDTV come with any cords, or do I have to buy cords?

most will come with composite cables but u will probably have to buy your own hd cables. Get either HDMI cables which carry hi-def video and 5.1 dolby digital. or a nice set of components, remember... Read More »

How to set up DVD player with rca cables to hdtv with component cables?

If the DVD player doesn't have COMPONENT connectors, you will have to use a input on the TV that has RCA input connectors.

How to Hide the Wires and Cables and Cords Behind the Tv or Computer?

Hide The Wires BoxIf you always look behind your TV or computer and think "wow, those cables are a mess!", then this article is for you. Here you will learn how to get rid of all the mess that make... Read More »