What cable/adapter do i need to buy to hook my macbook up to my HDTV?

Answer You have to go back to the place you bought the Mac from or to the Apple store. You're going to need an adaptor (that I doubt the other place sells). You need to get a Mini DisplayPort to DVI Ada... Read More »

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What do you need to hook up Nintendo 64 to a HDTV?

just hook it up with the composite cable, there should be that a/v(yellow video, red and white audio) jack on the HDTV. If you want the best picture though, learn how to hack the n64 so that you ca... Read More »

What cords would I need to hook up my Macbook Pro to my TV?

I use a HDMI cord which you can get here: Read More »

What cables, cords, etc. do I need to hook up my HDTV?

HD connections are either Component (those 5 cords, similar to composite[red/yellow/white]), or HDMI. Component is an analog signal, so the cable needs to be shielded and stuff. However, with an ... Read More »

What cables do i need to hook up my computer to my lcd hdtv?

yes vga to vga will work for the video but you need to get a rca to 1/8" jack y cable to get your left and right audio, and make sure its a stereo jack not mono, and you should be fine.