What cable connects TV to cable box?

Answer A Cable box and TV are connected together through a RF cable.

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What is the name for a cable that connects a computer to a hub?

A universal serial bus (USB) cable is used to connect a computer to a hub. The hub is a plug and play device a computer uses to communicate with a printer, scanner, or camera using a USB outlet. A ... Read More »

Which cable connects an iMac G4 to an HP printer?

According to the "HP Mac-connect" spring 2010 newsletter, connecting a Macintosh computer to all current HP printers requires high-speed USB connectivity. The correct cable for the connection, ther... Read More »

What type of cable connects a laptop to a printer?

The vast majority of laptops use USB 1.1 or USB 2 A to B cables to connect to printers. The A connector is rectangular in shape while the B connector is more square. Parallel printer cables have fa... Read More »

What Kind of Cable Connects to an Optical Drive?

Optical drives, CD- and DVD-ROM drives that use optical systems to read data, have replaced floppy drives, and they are easy to connect once you know what kind of cables they use.TypesThere are two... Read More »