What buttons do you push to put the codes for your JVC tv?

Answer want power up

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Which adoption questions push your buttons?

I do not like the questions asking for ideas on how to pay for adoption, and obviously the people who seem to think that Y!A is the place to advertise that they are willing to adopt and (healthy wh... Read More »

Why is it that when we KNOW the batteries in a remote are dead, we push the buttons harder?

Rosie remote control batteries ALWAYS have ONE MORE channel change left in them! Not only will I push the buttons harder I will smack the remote on my hand and open the back battery compartment ro... Read More »

If your riding your bike down the hiway and you push forward on the left handle bar what way will u turn L /R?

"Question: If you are on a motorcycle going down the highway, and you press on the inside of the left handle grip, why do the wheels turn to the right, but you turn to the left?-----------------199... Read More »

What are the ABC buttons for on your universal remote?

They are reserved for future use.See the Related Link for more infomation.