What buttons do you press to Start 2002 Lincoln remote control?

Answer If you have a Zenith DTT-901, the code for my radioshack remote was 01414.

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Why do we press harder on the remote control buttons, when we know the batteries weak?

...and not only that but why do we try it 20 more times getting closer and closer to the telly and still not switch it over on the box itself?

Why do you press harder on the buttons of a remote control when you know the batteries are dead?

For the same reason that you yell into your cell phone when you can't quite hear the person you are talking to. Go figure.

Press buttons on remote, and the tv turns off?

The circui boards get worn out easaily, Try openiing the remote and clean it. If the problem persists still try buying a new one. Try after market products, you get it for pretty low price

Why is it that we press the remote buttons harder when we know that is is out of batteries?