What button do you push to answer a text message on my iphone?

Answer Check the app store>updates to make sure all your apps are up to date, sometimes if they aren't, they get really glitchy or just don't work.

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How do you make it so instead of the preview of a text message in the iPhone you can just see the words text?

See the guide here:

Should I answer this text message ?

Please don't answer it but go ahead and read it, if it says something you can recognize or has a name you know, go ahead, but if not don't answer. Be careful!

How do you forward text message on the iPhone?

You can forward with iPhone 3.1. Open the text, select edit, check the texts from the thread you want to forward and select forward. You can only select two objects to forward at a time.

How do you lock a text message on the iPhone 4S?

most definitely yes. Although it is illegal and a federal offense.