What butterflies are attracted to butterfly weed?

Answer Tiger Swallowtails, Black Swallowtails, Red Admirals, Painted Ladies, Great Spangled Fertility, Cabbage, and Sulfur butterflies. Just to name a few.

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Is butterfly weed an annual or a perennial?

According to Tex Fest and Floridata, butterfly weed (asclepias tuberosa) is a hardy perennial. It is also known as butterfly milkweed and pleurisy root. It is called butterfly weed because the brig... Read More »

Is butterfly weed an annual or perennial?

Butterfly weed is a North American perennial and can be found along roadways and in rock gardens. These slow-growers take up to two years to establish from seeds. Butterfly weed attracts butterflie... Read More »

Is butterfly weed an annual or perineal?

The butterfly weed is a perennial plant that creates bunches of bright orange flowers. The butterfly weed is found mainly in the United States and Canada, from South Ontario and New York to Minneso... Read More »

Tips on Growing Butterfly Weed From Seed?

Butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa) is a hardy, drought-resistant perennial that is part of the milkweed family. It grows 2 feet tall and 1 to 3 feet wide, blooming in early summer to early autumn... Read More »