What bushes have thorns?

Answer Rose Bushes!:]

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Do blueberry bushes have thorns?

No. Low bush blueberry shrubs can be twiggy but neither they nor highbush blueberries have thorns.

What Orange Trees Have Thorns?

Oranges are citrus fruit and one of the largest crops in California and Florida. Citrus trees are usually tropical to semi-tropical plants and have given rise to numerous hybrids and crosses. Some ... Read More »

Do blackberries have thorns?

Thorns grow on the blackberry plants, also known as brambles, not on the berries themselves. Although you can purchase thorn-free varieties of blackberry bushes, most wild blackberry bushes have pl... Read More »

Do lime trees have thorns?

There is a considerably uncertain amount of lime tree species, and most bear thorns. Lime tree species that have thorns include the key lime, the Tahiti lime, the Mexican lime and the leech lime tr... Read More »