What bush or tree berries can wild birds eat?

Answer Wild birds enjoy eating, resting and nesting in mulberry and bayberry trees, as well as a garden variety of berry bushes such as blueberry, blackberry, raspberry and elderberry. Birds will also con... Read More »

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Are wild olive tree berries edible?

The wild olive shrub, also known as Autumn Olive or Japanese Silverberry, produces edible clusters of sweet tart berries. Berries are ripe when they turn red, and are said to be similar in taste t... Read More »

Can baby birds eat berries?

Baby birds can eat berries and other fruits; robins like grapes, and bluebirds particularly like raisins. Orioles will delight in oranges, and a banana slice may tempt many birds. However, in most ... Read More »

Are the berries of the Firethorn bush toxic?

Birds eat it - get drunk - fall off the bush - get eaten by the cat. In that respect the berries are very fatal.This link suggests that the berries are completely edible and can be used for jams an... Read More »

Are bush honeysuckle berries poisonous?

On One Hand: Japanese Honeysuckle Berries Are Mildly PoisonousThe most common form of bush honeysuckle found in home gardens and in the wild is Japanese. Japanese honeysuckle is not native to the U... Read More »