What bug has a black body with white wings?

Answer A Flyor a hornet!

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What bug has red body black legs and a white dot?

What is the largest butterfly with orange&brown wings with black veins?

With a wingspan that can measure up to four inches from tip to tip, the largest orange-and-brown butterfly with black veins is the regal fritillary. According to the Nature Conservancy, its habitat... Read More »

Black woman has baby with a white man is the child white or black?

well it depends on how WHITE and BLACK the two people are, if the dad isn't that dark but the mom is pretty white it would most likely be a baby with a TINY bit dark skin but if the mom is really w... Read More »

If a white woman has a baby with a black man is the child white or black?

In this country, if the baby has a drop of "color" in it.... the child is looked upon, treated as, and is considered to be black. Its called the one drop rule.