What browser works best for treasure

Answer Try the ultimate version of Avant browser. The reason I recommend it is that it has three engines and you can witch engine for each tab. When you have problem to display the page in one engine, jus... Read More »

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What is the best web browser?

The fastest at executing JavaScript (language used by a large percentage of websites) is Firefox (as proven in independent tests). Other good points for Firefox are; add-on support, security and us... Read More »

What is the best android web browser?

surely the enV 3.. it is more better than the alias 2.. even the alias 1.. no one likes the alias's..the alias is a very unique.. (in a bad way) phone.. the enV 3 has better resolution with it and ... Read More »

What do you think is the best web browser to use?

I use Firefox way better than Internet explorer, it is faster and easier to use

What is best browser to install?

chrome is great, you can auto-sync your bookmarks over different computers with it