What brownie mixes are nut free?

Answer This page has nutrition and ingredient information for all Betty Crocker products:…

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I have a very bad peanut allergy. What are some good cake/brownie mixes?

Pea Nuts are not nuts they are legumes. That is why you can eat real nuts like pecans and walnuts. Read the label on any package you buy if it contains pea nuts or pea nut oil it will be listed. ... Read More »

How to Make Cheer Mixes Online for Free?

Whether you're a cheerleader or you like to workout to upbeat cheer music, making a mix tape or playlist is easy to accomplish online. Using different Internet sources, you can present a wide rang... Read More »

How much potassium is in sugar free cake mixes and frosting?

you must read the nutrition panels on these products. potassium is normally found in red meats and dark green leafy veggies.there is no such thing as truly "sugar free" cake mix or frosting mix!! a... Read More »

Are Bear Creek Country Kitchen mixes gluten-free?

Bear Creek Country Kitchen mixes are not labeled to be gluten-free. However, a product is considered gluten-free if it does not contain barley, wheat or rye. Some Bear Creek mixes do not have these... Read More »