What breed of rabbit has ears that stand up?

Answer Of the most popular breeds, the Dutch, Polish, Himalayan, Silver, Rex, Satin, English, Havana, Flemish Giant, Californian, Beveren, Sable and Chinchilla rabbits all have ears that stand up. There a... Read More »

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How to Breed Rabbit Snails?

Rabbit snails are freshwater snails from Sulawesi in Indonesia. Rabbit snails are also commonly known as Sulawesi snails, elephant snails, or by their scientific name, Tylomelania. These snails a... Read More »

Can you still use rabbit ears?

On One Hand: Antennas Needed for Over-the-Air TVYou can still use rabbit-ear antennas, and will need to if you want to receive free, over-the-air television. Most cable and satellite services inclu... Read More »

Can you pick up a rabbit by its ears?

You must never pick up a rabbit by its ears. The ears are very sensitive and, even besides being very painful for the animal, such handling could cause serious and often irreparable injuries. Rathe... Read More »

How to Get TV Channels With Rabbit Ears?

"Rabbit ears" is the name given to traditional analog television antennas. These antennas can pick up signals broadcast by TV stations in your area. This is a way of piping free local television pr... Read More »