What breed of dog sheds the least amount of hair?

Answer According to Vetinfo, hairless dog breeds such as the American hairless terrier, hairless Chinese crested (which has hair on its head, tail and legs) and Peruvian Inca Orchids, shed little to no ha... Read More »

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Large Breed Puppy Foods?

While shopping for your puppy's food, you may have noticed that special food is available for puppies of large breeds. This is because recent studies suggest large breed puppies require a diet that... Read More »

Seizures in Large Breed Dogs?

A dog can experience a seizure such as epilepsy, a condition that causes humans and animals alike to suffer strokes or violent convulsions because of abnormal brain activity. Epilepsy is one of the... Read More »

How Many Times a Day Should You Feed a Large-Breed Dog?

According to the official website of the Atlanta Ear Clinic, vertigo, imbalance, disequilibrium or visual-motor disturbances can be treated with an approach that includes vestibular adaptation exer... Read More »

Can you give a large breed dog carrots for treats?

On One Hand: Low-Calorie, Crunchy TreatMany dogs and puppies like carrots, whether chopped or given whole, according to "KISS Guide to Raising a Puppy." Since obesity is such a problem for dogs, ca... Read More »