What breed of dog was Cujo?

Answer The rabid dog who serves as the primary antagonist terrorizing a woman and her son in Stephen King's novel "Cujo" (and the movie by the same name) is a 200-pound Saint Bernard.Source:New York Times... Read More »

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What breed of dog was Cujo in the TV series the district?

What dog breed is"Cujo"from the Stephen King novel?

Cujo, the star of Stephen King's novel "Cujo" and the movie of the same name, is a large, long-haired Saint Bernard. Cujo showed ideal Saint Bernard temperament until he contracted rabies from a ba... Read More »

What kind of dog was Cujo?

Cujo was a St. Bernard bitten by a rabid bat!

Which movie was the better version, the original "Old Yeller", or the 80s remake, "Cujo"?

until this moment, I had never realized that Stephen King was plagiarizing, but it all makes sense now