What breed of dog is best for hunting?

Answer On One Hand: Consider a RetrieverA sporting breed, such as the Labrador retriever, has endless stamina and the ability to retrieve game for the hunter. The Labrador is a water dog suited to retriev... Read More »

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What breed of dog makes the best family pet?

On One Hand: Retrievers Lead the PackSome of the most obedient, loyal and family-friendly dogs are Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers. They love outdoor activities and have a reputation of ... Read More »

What is the best breed of dog with kids?

On One Hand: Golden RetrieverOne of the most beloved and excellent choices for families is the golden retriever. Golden retrievers are gentle animals, soft and love to play outside. They make excel... Read More »

What is the best time to go deer hunting?

On One Hand: Best Time of YearThe best time of year to hunt deer is in the fall, before harsh winter weather sets in. When it gets too cold, deer will move away from their home range to look for mo... Read More »

What metal detector is best for relic hunting?

On One Hand: White's DFX series is an excellent metal detectorWhite's DFX series of metal detectors excels in just about every measure of a metal detector. The DFX has nine modes of operation to h... Read More »