What breed of dog is Lady from"Lady and the Tramp"?

Answer According to the Fun Trivia website, in the movie, "Lady and the Tramp", Lady is a Cocker Spaniel. In the movie, she was a Christmas gift from Jim Dear to his wife Darling.Source:Fun Trivia: Lady a... Read More »

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What breed of dog is Tramp?

In the beloved Disney movie, "Lady and the Tramp," Tramp was a gray mutt. Lady was a Cocker Spaniel. The movie is a fun and endearing film appropriate and enjoyable for the whole family.Source:Fun ... Read More »

How to Draw Lady and the Tramp?

This article will teach you to draw the main characters from the cartoon Lady and the Tramp.

Who was the song"The Lady is a Tramp"written about?

The song "The Lady is a Tramp," popularized by Frank Sinatra in the 1950s, isn't directed at a particular person. It's a song from the 1930s Broadway musical "Babes in Arms."References:TCM: Babes i... Read More »

A lady at work has hair growing on her chin and neck. what is this she is a lady, she has had 2 kids.?

buy her some serious skin care liquid laser and post laser from HSN and a laser pen and find a way to give it to her privately or anonymously. Maybe she can't see good and someone told her its the... Read More »