What breed is the cesar dog food dog?

Answer The dog that is used to market the Cesar dog products is a West Highland White Terrier. The breed is also commonly called a Westie. It is a member of the terrier group, and was bred to hunt vermin.... Read More »

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Is Cesar dog food affiliated with Cesar Millan?

Cesar Canine Cuisine dog food, which is owned by Mars, Incorporated, is not affiliated with Cesar Millan, a world renowned dog behavior specialist, commonly called the "Dog Whisperer." Millan, in f... Read More »

What kind of dog is the representative for Cesar dog food?

Cesar, the tinned dog food designed for small dogs, uses a West Highland white terrier as its mascot. The brand even has an online "newspaper" called "The West Highland Herald," featuring funny art... Read More »

What kind of dog is on the Cesar canned food?

The dog featured on the Cesar dog food packaging is a West Highland White Terrier. "Westies" are related to the Scottish, Skye, Cairn and Dandie Dinmont terriers, according to the West Highland Whi... Read More »

Is Caesar Milan affiliated with Cesar dog food?

No, Cesar dog food is not associated with Cesar Millan, the famous dog trainer. Cesar brand dog food can be recognized by the white Westie that appears on its products. Cesar Millan has a line of p... Read More »