What brands have the best bakery ovens?

Answer Rofco Company out of Belgium makes a great bakery oven. The The Rofco oven works much like an old style wood burning brick oven by storing a lot of heat inside the chamotte stone floors and then re... Read More »

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Where can you compare bakery ovens to normal ovens?

A bakery supply store would be a good place to start looking at this. You would be able to see all of the bakery oven features and from there compare them to a normal oven that you have in your home.

Are bakery ovens hotter than home ovens?

Bakery ovens tend to be of much more substantial construction than household ovens and much more efficient in keeping heat in and well balanced throughout. This construction allows for higher tempe... Read More »

What are the best UK brands of supplements Nature's Best, Simplysupplement, etc... Can i have a top 10 ?

Many of those brands use same formula as they are owned by one company in some cases.However, to get a UK answer, maybe you should visit UK Yahoo answers.

What brands of double gas ovens are available?