What brand of printer sells the cheapest cartridges?

Answer When trying to calculate the cheapest cartridges, price per cartridge isn't always the correct determination. You have to look into cost per print, for example, if an Epson cartridge costs $10 and ... Read More »

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What brand of printer uses the cheapest ink cartridges?

Canons have individual ink tanks for each colour. But the *best* way for any make of printer is to buy a "Continuous Ink Supply System" - CISS for short - that uses bulk ink delivered by flexible t... Read More »

What retailer in MN sells the cheapest small room brand new air conditioners?

You will not do much better than $100. Keep in mind, Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart will match any price and some will give you extra 10% off. Also try Craigslist.

My wife insists off-brand ink cartridges can harm the printer. Is the ink quality the same as the brand inks?

Your wife's right. And not right too. ==========backgournd Inkjets work by squirting ink through very very small holes in a print head. Canon and HP and several others do that by heating the ink in... Read More »

In the UK what is the cheapest and best printer for PC with inexpensive ink cartridges please.?

I use an Epson Stylus SX210 series all in one printer myself. Uses 4 different cartridges, black, red, blue, yellow. When one runs out you only need to replace the colour that goes at the time. Or ... Read More »