What brand of movie theater popcorn salt to buy Where?

Answer What you are looking for is Orville Redenbachers salt.: )}

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Where did the tradition of eating popcorn during a movie come from?

According to this industry-supported site, the salty snack was very popular "from the 1890s until the Great Depression." Even during the Depression, popcorn remained "one of the few luxuries down-a... Read More »

What is in popcorn salt?

Popcorn salt is a powderlike salt made to quickly fasten to food. This variety of salt is also sold in grocery stores. A major component in popcorn salt is sodium chloride--a chemical compound that... Read More »

Are there security cameras inside the movie theater , theater?

No there are no cameras in the theater but we do have ushers check the theater routinely and the projectionist can see exactly whats going on from the projection window, so we can pretty much see e... Read More »

Anyone know what brand of popcorn the Ninety-Nine restaurants use?

Is there a Whole Foods near you? I often get their 365 brand organic popcorn. It's really good!