What brand of headache medicine works best for you?

Answer Excedrin Migraine - Caffeine+Tylenol+Advil. It's the best!

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What medicine works best for arthritis?

On One Hand: Biologic DrugsAccording to MedlinePlus, the newest class of drugs to treat arthritis are called biologics, which come from the genetic engineering of a live organism. These drugs inclu... Read More »

What's the best medicine to take for a migraine headache?

At the bottom of this article are a couple of pages ofpeople who suffer form these intense monstrous headachesand some of their remedies.…I almost cry when... Read More »

What brand of blu Ray works best with regular DVD?

The list of features in the LG BD640 is practically endless. This device allows you to enjoy picture in picture functions, BD videos, Bonus Views, and it can up convert DVDs to high definition. Thi... Read More »

What brand of glue stick works the best?

I think gorilla glue is the best glue because it sticks on betterBut if you want a fast acting glue use hot glue of next best Super Glue