What brand of guitar does Eddie Van Halen play?

Answer Eddie Van Halen, guitarist for the rock and roll band Van Halen, primarily used Kramer guitars (often with red and white stripes) for much of his career. Van Halen now plays his own line of EVH gui... Read More »

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How to Play Guitar Like Eddie Van Halen?

EVHIf you're a beginning guitarist, you've probably seen Eddie Van Halen,Steve Vai and other famous players do a neat trick where they seem to be playing with both hands on the fretboard. It's call... Read More »

What kind of guitar did Eddie Van Halen play?

Eddie Van Halen used a number of different guitars, and invented several as well. All of them were electric guitars, and Fender was the brand he used the most. Fender reworked his Frankenstrat cr... Read More »

What kind of guitar does Eddie Van Halen play?

The guitar most closely identified with Eddie Van Halen is the Kramer 5150. Van Halen designed the Kramer 5150 himself at the Kramer factory in 1983. It features a Floyd Rose tremolo, one humbucker... Read More »

How to Have an Eddie Van Halen Style Guitar Rig?

Eddie Van Halen is an amazing player with a huge rig. You could spend thousands of dollars getting his exact tone, but for much less you can get a rig that is up in the big leagues of guitar.