What brand of guitar did Johnny Cash play?

Answer Johnny Cash played Martin brand guitars during most of his career. He played different kinds of Martin guitars over the years, including a 1961 Martin D-28 covered with black spray paint. For a tim... Read More »

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What brand of guitar does Prince play?

The primary brand of guitar that Prince plays is a Hohner TE, an imitation Fender Telecaster made of maple. He is also known for unique design called the "Cloud" guitar designed for him in 1983 by ... Read More »

What brand of guitar did George Harrison play?

George Harrison didn't limit himself to one guitar when he played with the Beatles, though the Gibson website cites a 1957 Les Paul Stanford as one of his notable guitars. He also used a Rickenback... Read More »

What brand of guitar does Eddie Van Halen play?

Eddie Van Halen, guitarist for the rock and roll band Van Halen, primarily used Kramer guitars (often with red and white stripes) for much of his career. Van Halen now plays his own line of EVH gui... Read More »

What is johnny cash's full name?

Musician Johnny Cash's full birth name was J.R. Cash. He legally changed his name to John R. Cash later in life. Johnny Cash lived from Feb. 26, 1932, to Sept. 12, 2003.References:The Official John... Read More »