What brand of dish soap will make the longest lasting suds?

Answer On One Hand: Factors Affect the Amount of BubblesThe amount of bubbles created by a dish soap can depend on the temperature and pressure of the water and the amount of soap used. One brand of liqui... Read More »

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How do you get rid of dish soap suds in a dishwasher?

A better way to eliminate suds from a dishwasher is to pour vegetable oil in the dishwasher. Many tips will tell you to use vinegar, but after that failed us, a professional maintenance guy used ve... Read More »

Does vinegar make soap suds?

Vinegar does not make soap suds on its own. However, when vinegar is mixed with baking soda, fizz and suds will form. Nonetheless, when mixed with water it is considered a viable cleaning solution.... Read More »

How Do Soap Suds Kill the Grass?

Soap suds break down the cuticle of the grass, exposing it to heat and any other active killing ingredients in the spray. This will kill the grass. They also help herbicides stick to the grass if y... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Dish Soap With Dry Soap Powder?

If you are tired of purchasing dish soap from the store, you can make your own dish soap at home and always have it on hand. Commercial dish soaps can contain harsh additives. You can use a few bas... Read More »