What brand of camera was the first SLR released?

Answer As you are not specifically asking about 35mm SLRs the question gets difficult. The Kine-Exakta came out in the 1930s but used 127 Rollfilm. There are Thornton Pickard plate back SLRs on eBAY (see ... Read More »

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If Apple released a new digital camera would you prefer it over a camera from Canon?

If it was just a simple digital camera , i might considering buying from Apple. But if it was a digital SLR camera, i would go with a brand that has better expertise in making those cameras.. like ... Read More »

Buying camera 1st camera i bought is Konica brand. The pic tooks >15yrs still very clear?

konica minolta was bought by sony. i think that is for slr cameras. for consumer digital cameras, i suggest canon compact digital cameras.

The battery shows to be charged but when put in the camera will not turn on this is on a camera with recording apitek brand?

Too many things here are left unanswered. 1) Does the camera turn on when a different battery is in it? 2) Can you verify that the battery is good? {do you have a multi-meter or battery tester ot... Read More »

Looking to purchase a dig camera,don't want to spend more then $250,what brand name camera would you suggest?

Look for a camera with a 1) minimum 5 megapixels (mp), this is very good for most users. 2) 4x optical zoom is good, don't worry too much about digital zoom. 3) Best to stick with regular (or recha... Read More »