What brand makes the best quality scanners?

Answer Hello --Most scanners are about the same quality, the brand name companies all build similar models.I like Hewlett Packard brand the best, some of the all in ones are pretty awesome.Cannon make goo... Read More »

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What is the best quality brand in digital cameras according to customer rankings?

go on word click insert pic. click the pic u want there will be 5 boxes up top when u inert it click the down arrow on the right sidethen a list will pop up click on the oval one :)THERE U GO BUD!!:)

What is the best brand of camera that takes good quality pictures at night?

In low-light, non-flash photography you need a fast lens for indoors and a tripod for outdoors. A large sensor also helps since it performs better at higher ISO settings. The lens and large sensor ... Read More »

What brand of speakers have the longest life or best quality (least likely to fail)?

Bose speakers are the speakers most likely to have the shortest life of any speaker at any price.This is because Bose uses the cheapest lowest quality components in their products to maximize their... Read More »

What brand makes the best headphones?

You must listen to them. Like anything else not all the products of any one manufacturer are best buys in their price bracket. As with in car systems kit intended for pop music deliberately exagge... Read More »