What brand makes the best quality scanners?

Answer Hello --Most scanners are about the same quality, the brand name companies all build similar models.I like Hewlett Packard brand the best, some of the all in ones are pretty awesome.Cannon make goo... Read More »

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My wife insists off-brand ink cartridges can harm the printer. Is the ink quality the same as the brand inks?

Your wife's right. And not right too. ==========backgournd Inkjets work by squirting ink through very very small holes in a print head. Canon and HP and several others do that by heating the ink in... Read More »

What are good quality slide scanners out there?

What you'll find is that some people's expectations are higher than the hardware can handle, while others are less so. Going by someones review is great, but seeing examples is even better.If you w... Read More »

What brand do you recommend for photo scanners?

Epson.Check out other reviews at…

Does HDMI cable quality makes any difference in picture quality?

Wow. Some truly uninformed answers here. First, when speaking of HDMI (or any digital cable for that matter), cable quality DOES NOT make a difference in picture quality. As long as a digital si... Read More »