What brand is that chilli sauce that most fish and chip shops use?

Answer Not sure which one you mean, but chances are you're referring to sriracha sauce, which is pretty popular. You'll find it at your local Asian supermarket.

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Looking for a good Fish Sauce brand?

I like Three Crabs brand. Tiparos is another brand.

Can Pregnant women eat sweet chilli sauce?

Would tequila and sweet chilli sauce taste good?

Sure in a Bloody Maria-…This is bsically a bloody mary with tequila instead of vodka.David

How many green chillies you use to make chilli coriander chatni(sauce)?

as many as it takes!! this depends on the heat of the chile you choose and how much sauce you wish to make. I have been very disappointed for a couple of years with the chile I have been able to pu... Read More »