What brand is better than skull candy ear buds?

Answer Circumaural headphones surround the outer ear.

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Were can you buy skull candy ear buds?

One of the wires in your headphones are probably broken. If you wrap your headphones around your Ipod your stretching the wire and it probably disconnected.

Are skull candy ear buds bad for your ears?

The ear buds aren't the problem, its the volume. They have the potential to hurt your ears permanently because they don't allow sound waves to escape, but that is also their advantage (they block o... Read More »

How do you fix skull candy ear buds when one earbud does not work?

I know this sounds weird but where the speaker is suck on it and try using it again

Are beats ear buds better than Bose ear buds?

Yes Beats are so much better than Bose could ever be. Beats are crystal clear and don't get fuzzy even on full blast. Beats also have a no tangle cord.