What brand food processor do you have?

Answer I dont have one.I have a mini bullet and a blenderor I chopped and mince by handI always been meaning to get one. but I have done well so far with what I got.

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Is a blender or a food processor better for preparing baby food?

How to Use a Food Processor to Make Baby Food?

Using a food processor to make baby food at home gives you the opportunity to choose the quality of food your baby eats, especially if you prefer to feed your child organic or all-natural foods tha... Read More »

Which brand of processor do u most trust?

I prefer Intel. I lost two machines with AMD processors to overheating some years ago, because AMD had no overtemperature sensors on the chip and no mechanism for slowing the processor in case of ... Read More »

What food processor should I get/use to crumble bread?

A blender should do it - drop the bread in a little at a time. Of course a slicer won't do it as it slices and won't make breadcrumbs. The cake mixer doesn't cut through things so that's no good ... Read More »