What brand and/or type of camera is this ?

Answer maybe you should go to a photo shop or somewhere that has camera's and ask them. or it could possibly be a Leica D-LUX 2. Ask someone.

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The battery shows to be charged but when put in the camera will not turn on this is on a camera with recording apitek brand?

Too many things here are left unanswered. 1) Does the camera turn on when a different battery is in it? 2) Can you verify that the battery is good? {do you have a multi-meter or battery tester ot... Read More »

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I want a new digital camera but dont know which brand or type is the best?

I would say research your options shop around and ask questions about interesting products to qualified store personell who know digital photography they can narrow down your wishlist from 100 came... Read More »

What type of camera lens is this?

If you'll go to this site -… - you can learn about depth of field, what it is and how to control it. You should then be able to use your 18-55mm lens to a... Read More »