Would Herman be a good name for my baby I have 56 cats named Herman already, so I think it's a good fit?

Answer Due for what on March 20th? Commitment to a mental institution? It's a serious health threat to bring an infant into a home overrun by 56 cats. Is it safe to assume that you recognize that you a... Read More »

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What did Melville Bissell invent?

Melville Bissell, a resident of Grand Rapids, Michigan, invented the carpet sweeper for his wife so she could clean up in the couple's crockery shop, according to Bissell's carpet swee... Read More »

What books did Oprah Winfrey write?

What languages did Jane austen write her books in?

She was British. She wrote her six novels in English.

How to Write Children's Books?

Wanna write a novel that appeals to kids?Then you come to the right place!