What books are good for a 2yr old?

Answer Definitely Dr Seuss!Kids, even at 2, will LOVE the brightly colored pictures,. and the silly rhyming words.I taught both of my own kids to read using Dr Seuss books - I am a big fan!(Hop On Pop is ... Read More »

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Read any good books lately Garden Books that is?

MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUEI hope this isn't spamming but you did ask a question that would require a "brand" name. The garden book that everyone at least in California has been waiting for is h... Read More »

How to Find Good Books?

Aren't books wonderful?If you like books, you will no doubt also enjoy getting new ones. However, sometimes finding books you will enjoy can be extremely difficult; Often, books in stores can be bo... Read More »

How to Keep Books in Good Condition?

Books are wonderful things. They can contain many things, from information to stories. However, some people just don't respect books. This article might be helpful if you have a daughter who is try... Read More »

What are some good books for 7th graders?

Read kitchen princess. It is very good and cute book. You will enjoy it. It not a chapter book it a comic called manga.