What is the name of a book and television programme based on a magician and his watch is founded by three children?

Answer Well if you type on Google and type in sleeping gas and all the other things you'll find the exact things

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What is the name of that children's television show based in a toy store?

arguably the closest to this category was the seasonal ( Here Comes Santa Claus out around l962 and on the Scranton area channel 2l. ( this may have been a purely local show) the title character in... Read More »

Could this be true about the Rugrats (Television show)?

Think about this... while YES some tv shows have some hidden messages (Rocko's Modern Life had a really creepy one- look it up on Youtube), Nickelodeon would NEVER allow the show to air if this was... Read More »

Will there be a season for every True Blood book?

There have been many occasions when they possible have. The Bermuda Triangle sometimes is thought to be a wormhole that forms on earth every once and a while. That can explaine the radio communicat... Read More »

Is the show Paranormal State based on true events?

Dean Winchester's necklace, a christmas present from his brother, was meant for his father to 'protect him'. We later find out that it's believed to be a tool to find God. Although, since he was ne... Read More »