What body type are measurements 39-30-41?


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What body shape would a woman with 32"-26"-40" measurements be?

At 38-26-40, you are a slightly bottom heavy hourglass! I think it's the best shape to be. ;) Amazing curves and not too big or small, with similar bust and hip measurements and a drastically small... Read More »

What type of equipment is used to record measurements for hurricanes?

Meteorologists and hurricane scientists use both traditional weather equipment and highly sophisticated electronic instruments to measure and record hurricane data.Hurricane FeaturesWind speed, bar... Read More »

How to Take Body Measurements?

Knowing your body measurements is helpful information to have for several reasons. It not only allows you to purchase clothing in the correct size, but it also helps if you are monitoring measureme... Read More »

What type of dress would look good in this type of body?

jeeeeez girl. you can pull off anything if you gain an extra 10-20 pounds. at 5 foot tall your susposed to only weigh 120! you under weight! so with you, i would think you need something with strap... Read More »