On the TV show Seinfeld what board game do Kramer and Newman play?

Answer Risk

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How to Make and Play the Bau Cua Ca Cop Board Game?

Bau Cua Ca Cop is a gambling game of dice that originated in Vietnam. You don't need to buy a board; just make it and play it! Here is how.

How to Play Mahjong Board Game?

Mahjong is a game from ancient China played as a board game, but similar to the card game of Rummy. The game dates to 500 BCE and probably originated as court game during the reign of King Wu. Four... Read More »

Instructions on How to Play the WWE 3rd Edition Board Game?

"WWE DVD Board Game Third Edition" is a wrestling board game that uses a DVD. Players can select from their favorite WWE wrestlers, such as the Undertaker. The game features real video footage of w... Read More »

What game should I play next?

How about "Cat mario",or "The unfair platformer"?