What blood type can I be if both my parenys are o+?

Answer If they're both O+, you'll be O+ also.

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If mother is O blood type and father is A blood type - what blood type will the baby have?

Let's go to genotypes... If it's AA X OO= AO, AO, AO, AO --> 100% Blood type A (AO) If it's AO X OO= AO, AO, OO, OO --> 50% Blood type A (AO), 50% Blood type of O (OO)

If both my parents are O+ blood type, why am I A-?

If this is 100% true - and you have the papers from the doctors to prove your parents' blood type and your blood type, start asking questions and possibly get a genetic test to see if your parents ... Read More »

Can both type A+ blood parents have a healthy child?

Yes you will be fine.Problems arise if the mother has a negative blood group, and the baby is positive, which happens if the father has a positive blood group. When the blood of mother and unborn ... Read More »

If a mother is O blood type and a father is O blood type what type will baby be?