What black American invented the brush?

Answer According to Patricia Carter Sluby, author of "The Inventive Spirit of African Americans: Patented Ingenuity," Lydia D. Newman, a black woman from New York, N.Y., patented a brush that "permitted e... Read More »

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What black American invented stoplights?

Garrett Morgan, an African-American man born in 1877, invented the stop light in 1923. Morgan invented other products, such as the gas inhalator mask in 1914. He used the gas inhalator mask to save... Read More »

What black American invented a stoplight?

The African-American man who invented the stoplight was Garrett Augustus Morgan. Inspired by a car crash, Morgan patented the stoplight or traffic light on November 20, 1923, and later sold the inv... Read More »

Which black American invented the cash register?

James Ritty, a white saloon owner, invented the first cash register in 1879. Ritty and his brother, a mechanic, invented a machine that recorded the number of sales and the amount of each one. Oti... Read More »

Who invented the toilet brush?

The first toilet brush was invented in 1932 by William C Schopp, and his "cleaning device" was patented in 1933. One early distributor of toilet bowl brushes was Addis Brush Company, an American co... Read More »