What bird pries out seeds from pine and spruce cones?

Answer On One Hand: Birds That Pry Seeds From Pine ConesBlue jays, Steller's jays, pinyon jays, Scottish crossbills, red crossbills, red-breasted nuthatches and white-headed woodpeckers favor pine seeds.... Read More »

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How to Make Bird Feeders from Pine Cones?

Making feeders from pine cones is actually rather simple... and fun! This is a great project to do with younger kids! (Just please please PLEASE supervise them or you will get birdseed all over the... Read More »

Is it possible to treat pine trees so that they don't produce so DARN many pine cones?

I KNOW I wont get best answer for this....but instead of introducing more and more harmful chemicals just to make your raking easier....why not just cut the thing down? Its going to be far less ha... Read More »

Name of Pine Trees That Produce Small Pine Cones?

Pine trees grow in forests throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Their cones, which come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, bear the seeds through which pine trees reproduce. Many pine trees p... Read More »

Can you grow pine trees from pine cones?

Pine cones contain a seed that can be extracted and planted as a method of propagating new pine trees. The cones must be collected immediately after they fall off the tree and only the plump female... Read More »