What bird eats Japanese beetles?

Answer A varied number of birds will make a feast of Japanese beetles, "such as bobwhites, eastern kingbirds, crows, European starlings, redwinged blackbirds, catbirds, song sparrows, robins and grackles,... Read More »

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What Eats Beetles?

Beetles comprise one of the largest groups of species in the animal kingdom, consisting of almost 350,000 different beetle species. Found almost anywhere on earth, beetles take on diverse shapes, s... Read More »

Do Japanese knotweed plants attract Japanese beetles?

The Japanese beetle feeds on more than 200 species of host plants, but doesn't pose a threat to Japanese knotweed. Instead, aphid nectar deposited on Japanese knotweed is a food source for Istochet... Read More »

What leaves do Japanese beetles eat?

While roses and hollyhocks are favorites in the flower garden, Japanese beetles will also hit hard the leaves of the grapevine and blackberry vine in the fruit garden. Green bean leaves are also a ... Read More »

What is a good, non chemical way to get rid of Japanese beetles?

There is a natural chemical from the Chrysanthemum and the other is Marigolds keep most insects off flowers and vegetables.