What bird do those little eggs I see everywhere in China come from?

Answer Probably quail eggs are what you are seeing

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What are those little strips that come with dress shirts?

They are collar points...They go in the points of your collar to keep them well pointy...If you look at your shirts there should be a little pocket for them there...Hope I was of assistance.

Can i get the bird flu from china?

No, you will not get the bird flu from the package unless that package had been in contact with an infected bird.

What civilization did the Great Wall of China come from?

The Great Wall of China was built by the Chinese people. It was constructed over the course of approximately 2,000 years, between the Warring States Period (476 BCE to 221 BCE) and the Ming Dynasty... Read More »

Does anyone remember those little red tablets you got when you were little?

Lol, i'm only 28 and I was thinking about the very same tablets yesterday....I doesn't matter though as I still need to go see the reaper of dentistry.