What biome has the most diverse group of plants&animals?

Answer According to the University of California Museum of Paleontology, forests contain the most diverse biotic communities in the world. They are home to thousands of undiscovered plant and animal speci... Read More »

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What is the most reactive group in the periodic table?

The group one elements on the periodic table react more with other elements because of their single valence electron. Scientists named this group the alkali metals and it includes the following sev... Read More »

What is the most over-rated group of all time?

What age group has the most credit card debt?

As of 2008, the age group with the highest average credit card debt was the group aged 35 to 49. The greatest increase in credit card debt was among those aged 65 or older, mainly due to medical ex... Read More »

What group pays the most income taxes?

In the United States, a small group of taxpayers pays two-fifths of all income taxes. According to the Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan educational organization, the top 1 percent of wage earners pai... Read More »