What biome do manatees belong to?

Answer Manatees belong to the Marine biome, which consists of oceans, coral reefs and estuaries (locations where rivers and freshwater streams feed into the sea). These migratory mammals prefer tropical a... Read More »

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What kingdom do manatees belong to?

Five kingdoms of life are used to divide living organisms; the moneran, protist, plant, fungus and animal kingdom. The animal kingdom is scientifically known as kingdom "anamalia." Manatees belong ... Read More »

How much do manatees eat?

Every day, manatees eat about 10 to 15 percent of their body weight. Being herbivores, or plant eaters, their diet consists of item such as turtle grass, manatee grass, tape grass, water lettuce an... Read More »

How many offspring do manatees have?

Manatees produce one offspring at a time. The gestation period is 14 months, and a manatee calf may stay with its mother for up to two years. Female manatees give birth every two to five years.Sour... Read More »

What eats manatees?

While manatees do not have many natural predators, in the wild they can come under attack from such water-based threats as sharks, alligators and crocodiles, depending on which region of the world ... Read More »