What biome do giant pandas live in?

Answer The endangered giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) inhabits the temperate forest biome, making its home among the mountains, deciduous trees and coniferous forests of southern central China. There... Read More »

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At what age can giant pandas live on their own?

Panda cubs stay with their mothers for about three years. At birth, a panda cub weighs just three to five ounces and is roughly the size of a stick of butter. Cubs do not open their eyes until the... Read More »

In what type of ecosystem do giant pandas live?

The rare giant panda is found in central China's coniferous and broadleaf forests at elevations between 5,000 and 10,000 feet. They live in areas with a large supply of bamboo, which makes up 99 pe... Read More »

In what location do giant pandas live in China?

Giant pandas live in a handful of mountain ranges in central and southwestern China, most concentrated in the Sichuan province. Farming and deforestation have reduced the size of their habitat cons... Read More »

How many giant pandas still live in the wild?

The San Diego Zoo states that an estimated 1,600 giant pandas still exist in the wild in different parts of China, as of 2010. The panda faces extinction because of hunting pressures, loss of habit... Read More »