What bill allows gay couples to adopt?

Answer In the United States: Currently, there is not a national bill (as of January 2009) that would allow adoption by gay parents throughout the United States of America. Adoption laws are handled by sta... Read More »

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Can gay couples adopt each other?

Yes, the father can put his name on another child's birth certificate, because it is a diffrent child and has nothing to do with that case. Though it may very in diffrent states.

Can gay couples adopt in Florida?

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Can gay couples adopt a child?

Yes of course you can and if any one says different there being sexist and you have rights just like every one else don't let anyone tell u different ther is no law against this so it is perfectly ... Read More »

Are same sex couples aloud to adopt in the US?

There is an adoption agencies here in Espanola, New Mexico. Every few times a year they will have a display of the children available for adoption and information on them. To get more information..... Read More »