What best explains how stems transport water to other parts of the plant?

Answer when a plant takes up water from the roots the water and nutrients go into the xylem and go up the stem by both adhesion and cohesion to get to the leaves. the leaves of the plant use transpiration... Read More »

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What tubes in the plant's stem transport water?

Plant Parts of the Water Lily?

Waterlilies (Nymphaea spp.) grow in freshwater habitats around the world, in both tropical and temperate climates. Gardeners use them to bring leaf and flower color to ornamental ponds and they gro... Read More »

Lucky bean plant has mealy bugs and unidentified eggs / parasite on stems which look like part of plant?

How to Graft Plant Stems?

Grafting is a common method of plant reproduction. It very simply means joining a scion, or the top of one plant, to a rootstock, or bottom of another plant. It is effective on many types of plants... Read More »